Course - Ultimate Life Experience by LuoVita

Course - Ultimate Life Experience

What's included?

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Chapter 1: What is it you are looking for?
Seeking Your Answers
2.Questions to Know Myself Better.pdf
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Chapter 2:How to get anything you want
Strategy 1- Decide What You Want Clearly and Specifically and Commit Yourself to It
1.What & Why (English).pdf
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Strategy 2-Things I Most Want
2.My 10 Excuses and how to eliminate them
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Strategy 3-Action is MAGIC: Build Momentum
3.My Magic 20.pdf
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Final Thoughts - TAKE ACTION
Chapter 3: How To Set Goals
Why Goal Setting Is Essential for Success in Life and Business
Be SMART About Setting Your Goals
Goal Setting Worksheet.pdf
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Staying on Track with Your Goals – How to Measure Your Progress
Take Action Today
23 mins
Chapter 4: Achieving Goals
Video1-Achieving Goals.mp4
3 mins
Video2-Achieving Goals.mp4
6 mins
Video3-Achieving Goals.mp4
5 mins
Video4-Achieving Goals.mp4
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Video5-Achieving Goals.mp4
8 mins
Video6-Achieving Goals.mp4
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Video7-Achieving Goals.mp4
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Video8-Achieving Goals.mp4
6 mins
Video9-Achieving Goals.mp4
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Video10-Achieving Goals.mp4
2 mins
Make it happen.pdf
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Video1 - Introduction The Goals That Never Happen.mp3
3 mins
Video3 - The Formula – How to Structure Goals and Make Your Plan.mp3
5 mins
Video2 - The Most Powerful Skill You Can Learn - Goal Setting.mp3
6 mins
Video4 - The Formula – How to Structure Goals and Make Your Plan.mp3
5 mins
Video5 - Letting Go of Fear.mp3
8 mins
Video6 - How to Make Your Fitness Goals Happen.mp3
8 mins
Video9 - How to Make Your Travel Goals Happen.mp3
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Video7 - How to Make Your Career Goals Happen.mp3
10 mins
Video10 - Conclusions.mp3
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Video8 - How to Make Your Relationship Goals Happen.mp3
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